Smart Anime Tumko Bhi Smart Bana Denge | Does Watching Anime Makes You Smart? Explained In Hindi

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Do you think watching smart and intelligent Anime will make you smart as well?

In these recent days, there's a MYTH exists in the Anime community worldwide, lots of anime fans around the world think that watching smart and intelligent anime will make them smart as well.
And in this video, I'm sharing my opinion on whether you can be smart or not just by watching anime.
This video is purely based upon my personal opinions, & tried my best to share every possible perspective which reflects reality in the case of this MYTH.

This video tells you that can you became intelligent or not just by watching intelligent anime, what should be your approach towards fiction, the true meaning of anime and animation, and lots of things you can learn from anime logically.

So now without wasting any more time, Let's enjoy this video in Hindi.
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