How I Studied 600 hrs + Watched 300 hrs of Anime in 4 Months (The ULTIMATE Study Technique)

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Last semester, I studied 600 hours and watched 300 hours of anime, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA all because of this one study technique: the Animedoro. I've been using this technique ever since I started college, but originally with sitcoms and not anime. Today I will teach you to be THAT student that gets stuff done and enjoys their life.

First of all, the pomodoro technique, (25/5 version) which is discussed in this video, is an excellent technique for boosting your productivity, but a guy like me finds it way too boring to have to work through a 2-3 hour session without any entertainment, so I started doing something called the animedoro. It's technically an extended 52/17 pomodoro variant that I modified to fit my own needs.

In addition, I talk about my technique I use to never procrastinate, the shitty draft. (doesn't work so well for classes that you only memorize things in). I have this one friend that would always procrastinate and would always do so well, but I am not as skilled as her. Using this technique, I find it easy to get started on work without it feeling too burdensome.

Also, I look to the side a lot in this video, it's not cuz my notes were there or anything ;) I was just tryna make sure those kids I saved from the wildfire were playing safely downstairs ;)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy and try out the animedoro and leave a comment about how you study.

0:00 - intro
0:27 - how I calculated the # hours
1:20 - what's the traditional pomodoro
1:46 - what's the animedoro
2:51 - why I think animedoro is the best technique/ why pomodoro sometimes doesn't work for me
6:12 - productivity comparison
8:12 - distractions
8:58 - Technique 2 : the shitty draft
11:29 - why animedoro is good for ppl who binge and cram
12:02 - the type of personality that this fits well
12:57 bloopers (I am a really bad speaker, always have been. I've been good at science, but I can't seem to string together 2-3 thoughts for my life so I just wanted to show you guys an example to show that not everyone making videos is perfect at speaking to a camera. It's something I'm tryna get better at and you can too)

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