50 States as Anime

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Every US State as a scene from Anime (Or otherwise closely related animation show) can you find your state? do you agree with it? please like and share this video.

This took way longer than I expected, for such a simple concept. Talking like.... like +10 hours of work.. which is a lot for a good joke.
I honestly tried to not do a "typical" stereotype of each state. Some, are just really hard for me and it took awhile to research. I also tried to find inside jokes, so if you are from that state, hopefully you will get it. And if not, I failed miserably and its even more funny.

This took awhile. If I'm being honest, the hardest states for me were Missouri, North and South Dakota, West Virginia and

Find your states animation below:

Indiana - Redline
Louisiana - Kids on the Slope
Oregon - Avatar the Last Airbender
New York - Black Lagoon
Texas - Cowboy Bebop Movie
New Jersey - Bacanno!
Alaska - Nichijou
Arkansas - Trigun
Delaware - My Hero Acadamia
Alabama - Boondocks
Wisconsin - Full Metal Alchemist
Michigan - Yuri on Ice
Kansas - Gaworare
Florida - Angel Beats!
Nebraska - Hunter X Hunter
Washington - Samurai Champloo
Maryland - ONE PUCNH MAN
New Hampshire - Dragon Ball Z
Arizona - Avatar the Last Airbender
Minnesota - Mob Psycho
Pennsylvania - Over The Garden Wall
Ohio - Lovely Complex
Idaho - Potato-Dono
California - Daily Lives of Highschool Boys
Wyoming - Bacanno!
New Mexico - Avatar the Last Airbender
Maryland - Mob Psycho
South Carolina - Avatar the Last Airbender
Massachusets - Nichijou
Montana - Your Name
New Hampshire and Vermont - Pantema Inverted
Kentucky - Pretty Derby
Nevada - Cowboy Bebop
Conneticut - Saiki Kusuo
Rhode Island - Full Metal Alchemist
Oklahoma - Pokemon (First Original season; OG)
Oregon - Avatar the Last Airbender
Hawaii - Grand Blue ( Manga )
Colorado - Noragami
Virginia - Yu Gi Oh ( abridged )
Mississippi - Steins Gate
Alabama - Watamote
Tennesse - Dragon Ball
Iowa - Dragon Ball
Utah - Auira
North Carolina - Kuroko no basket
West Virginia - Non Non Biyori
Illinois - Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica
Maine - Hunter x Hunter

Ending Song by Joey Hatch

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